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About the Project

"MediaRoll" Advertising Network is a brand of “Betanet” Co., which was founded in 2007.

Gradually it has become one of the most known companies in certain circles providing many services on IT basis: site development, advancement , support, web hosting and so on. In our portfolio more than 100 internet resources are included in Armenia and out of its borders.

In 2013 the company began to create its own unique video player, which now use our partners, each a leading internet resource in its sphere.

. PreRoll advertising is a new unique offer of our company, but we aren’t going to stop on what is gained.

The policy of our company considers the development of new internet technologies in Armenia, we are always open for new ideas and cooperation offers in this or that sphere.

MediaRoll team.


In One File

Download our presentation file in order to meet the opportunities of "MediaRoll" Advertising Network.


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