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Mediaroll Advertising Network comes up with new offers

20.07.2016 - Mediaroll Advertising Network is proud to announce a launch of a new kind of service.

In particular, advertisers can already use Mid-Roll (advertisement in the middle of a video), Post_Roll (advertisement in the end of the video) and Pause-Roll (advertisement at the video pause), along with already functioning Pre-Roll format, when the ad was shown before the start of the video.

Besides those mentioned, Mediaroll Advertising Network also offers another type of advertisement, widely known as Native-Roll, (or In-Read), which enables to show the ad within website texts to users from both PS-s and mobile devices, thus keeping it in the centre of attention.

All types of above mentioned advertisements are available at demo versions here: http://demo.mediaroll.info.

Another offer of Mediaroll Advertising Network is the synchronization of TV ads with online systems in real-time, the TV Sync tool, which significantly increases the engagement of potential customers in the campaign, thus increasing the effectiveness of the advertising budget. Currently the TV Sync is being tested by one of Armenia's leading telecommunications operators.

"As an innovative company, loyal to our principles, we continue to offer our partners technical features that will have a significant impact on the development of their business plans and ensure much larger profit. In the near future we are also going to come up with other solutions of expanding services, particularly the detailed targeting toolset expansion" stated Executive Director of MediaRoll Advertising Network Samvel Bektashyan.

We inform, that founded in 2013 MediaRoll Advertising Network is the trademark of “Betanet” company, and since then has been operating based on its own technical solutions in the local and international news and entertainment websites of the video-ads distribution market.


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