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The opinions of experts

The main advantages

The similarity of Pre-Roll advertising with TV advertising causes the increase of the interest of advertisers as it is a simple way to transfer the money spent on TV advertising to the internet. Nevertheless it has series of advantages:

  • guaranteed and continuing contact with the audience,
  • video is the best means to affect on the audience on account of its unlimited opportunities,
  • wider opportunities to transfer the image of the brand,
  • high CTR percentage (percentage of clickability of your video).

CTR depends mostly on the content of the ads.

Average worldwide indexes are from 6 to 14%. The average index of MediaRoll is 9.6 %.


According to the results of last researches of Online Publishers Association (OPA) “Frames of Reference: Online Video Advertising, Content and Consumer Behavior”, the best way of placing online ad is PreRoll format.

For researches OPA has studied the opinions of 1422 online advertisers about the influence of video ads. The attention of analysts was mainly focused on the duration of advertisement (15 or 30 seconds), on the location, on the kind of the ad, and also on the presence of additional banners. According to the mentioned parameters 96 combinations were formed, which were able to answer the main question: which kind of advertisement is the most efficient?

The results have shown that 30-second ads are more comfortable for online videos than 15-second ones. In the result the actuality was risen in 23%, and the relevance in 30%. Besides it was found out that if the attitude of the users on that brand was positive before watching the video, after watching the actuality rises in 61%. Even in the cases when the attitude on that brand is neutral or negative the actuality of the brand rises in 21%.

The researches have also shown that 14% of the users follow the news by watching videos every day (45% do this weekly), 11% follow the weather forecast (31 % do this weekly), and 9% look for funny videos (39% do this weekly). Moreover 80 % of asked have claimed that they have watched the video ad, 52% have done some activities connected with the ad, besides 31% have visited the web page of the advertiser, 15% have visited the shop of the advertiser, and 12% have bought the product or service.


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