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It’s not a secret that internet is more rapidly filled with informational and advertising materials day by day. All these inevitably bring us to the rise of competition in the case when the owners of the platforms try to increase the revenue of their own resources. The willingness to increase the revenue often brings to looking for new options. This tendency is also familiar to the owners who prefer to work with foreign traffic.

Pre-Roll video ad comes before the film or any other video demonstrated on the web page. It can be said that the advertisement has been transmitted from TV into the internet. It is considered to be more efficient for the progress of the brand, for advertising widespread goods.

As it’s said: “The money is never extra” . Undoubtedly having a brand-web page with history and permanent audience, money can be also earned by many other means, but if you have under your hands rich SEO optimized web page, the visitors of which want to watch a video and not write, comment and so on, it’s a wonderful opportunity to earn money.


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