1) BPL: Below Poverty Line

BPL stands for Below poverty level. it’s an economic benchmark set by the govt. of India to spot the economically weaker people and households in urgent need of presidency aid. It refers to a threshold income. The people whose income is below this threshold income are considered poor or below poverty level. the govt. launches various schemes to assist the BPL section so their basic needs like food, shelter and garmentsmight be fulfilled.

2) BPL: British Physical Laboratories Group

BPL stands for British Physical Research facilities Gather. It is an Indian hardware company which makes computerized and gadgets items. It is headquartered in Bangalore, India. Its backups incorporate BPL Show Gadgets, Bharat Vitality Wanders and BPL Securities. BPL could be a dependable brand in customer strong showcase and its conveyance organize comprises over 7000 channels accomplices. As of 2016, Ajit G Nambiar is the Chairman and Overseeing Chief (CMD) of BPL.


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