1) CTS: Cheque Truncation System

CTS stands for Cheque Truncation Framework. It could be a extend of Save Bank of India which was propelled for speedier clearance of cheques. It does not include physical exchange of cheques from one bank to another bank. It is fundamentally an internet picture based cheque clearing framework which employments cheque image to clear the cheque. An electronic picture of the cheque along side MICR number is sent to the drawee bank from the drawer bank.

2) CTS: Clear to Send

CTS stands for Clear to Send. It could be a stream control flag or instrument in RS-232 standard. It indicates that a line or gadget is prepared for information transmission e.g. prepared to move. CTS flag is sent in reaction to RTS (Ask of Send) stream control flag. The RTS flag is sent by the sending gadget to tell the getting conclusion to urge ready to get or set its CTS line when it is prepared. When the accepting conclusion is prepared to get, it sends the CTS flag to tell the other conclusion to send the information. In this way, CTS and RTS permit the recipient and the transmitter to caution each other some time recently starting the information transmission.


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