(i) ISI: Indian Standards Institute

ISI represents Indian Standards Institute. It was built up to make principles for the methodical mechanical development and keeping up quality in modern creation. It gives an ISI mark which is an accreditation mark for mechanical items in India. It is the most famous and perceived confirmation mark in the Indian subcontinent. This imprint guarantees that the item fits in with the Indian principles referenced by Indian Standard Institute.

The ISI was built up on 6 January 1947 and Dr. Lal C. Verman turned into the principal Director of ISI in June 1947. Today, ISI is presently known as BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). It sets out the quality gauges for shopper and mechanical merchandise. It checks the quality and standard of each item and gives them an accreditation mark. BIS is approved to offer affirmation by an enactment of 1986. ISI mark is obligatory for ensuring items to be sold in India. Any maker whose item fulfills the BIS guideline can apply for ISI item accreditation.

(ii) ISI: Inter-Service Intelligence

ISI represents Inter-Service Intelligence. It is a knowledge office in Pakistan. It is headquartered in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It is a head insight administration, answerable for giving knowledge appraisal and national security in Pakistan. The current (As of October 2017) Director-General or head of ISI is Naveed Mukhtar. In 2011, ISI was positioned the top knowledge office on the planet by the International Business Times. In spite of the fact that Pakistan likewise has other military and non military personnel knowledge organizations, the ISI is positively the most impressive and most politicized among them.


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