(i) MCA: Master of Computer Application

MCA isa ace degree in Computer applications. It is a multi year post-graduate course. The base criteria to apply for MCA is graduation from any perceived college and the up-and-comer ought to have finished 10+2 with Mathematics.

The course structure of MCA is partitioned in 6 semesters. In these 6 semesters, the understudies need to learn at any rate 35 subjects like C programming, Object arranged programming, Multimedia and business organization, Operation Research, Operating framework, Accounting and Finance Management, Software building, Microprocessor, Database, Discrete arithmetic and so on. The course centers around creating and actualizing programming at framework and application level.

(ii) MCA: Ministry of Corporate Affairs

MCA controls corporate undertakings in India through the organization demonstration 1956, 2013, and different acts and bill. It is an Indian government service. The principle obligation of MCA is managing Indian ventures in Industrial and Service segment.

(iii) MCA: Music Corporation of America

MCA Inc. was a media organization of the United States of America which was at first expressed as the music business. It was shaped in 1924 by Jules Stein and William R. Goodheart, Jr. under the name of Music Corporation of America. MCA is outdated in 2000.


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