(i) MMS: Multimedia Messaging Service

MMS represents sight and sound informing administration. It is an improved rendition of SMS (Short Message Service) which underpins mixed media messages. MMS gives a standard method to send and get mixed media messages which incorporates pictures, designs, sound records, video cuts, rich content and so forth. The MMS must be utilized in gadgets which bolsters this administration. These gadgets might be cell phones, advanced mobile phones, PCs, handheld gadgets and so forth. MMS can be utilized on GPRS and 3G arrange both. GPRS took care of MMS are moderate and takes longer time then again 3G dealt with MMS are quick and furthermore bolster video spilling.

(ii) Microsoft Media Server

Microsoft Media Server is a system gushing convention, serves to move unicast information in Windows Media Services. MMS is belittled by Microsoft in the kindness of RTSP.


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